What differentiates you from your competitors?

Our team, our facilities, our processes, and our culture.

These have been configured with a single purpose: to rapidly develop commercially successful medical and drug delivery devices, which satisfy the needs of patients, care providers, regulatory bodies and other stakeholders. Having the experts and facilities in-house allows us to accelerate complex drug delivery programmes so that our partners can achieve early clinical proof of principle and proceed to manufacturing scale-up with the utmost confidence in the design..

How do you deal with the risk of over-run?

Innovation projects and complex product developments rarely follow the path that was envisaged at the outset. Requirements change, previously unidentified risks need to be mitigated, testing and human factors experimentation reveal what does and doesn’t work, IP hurdles need to be considered. On the other hand, customers need to establish timescales and budgets which can be approved. Over the years, we have found that the optimal way of dealing with this is to develop a plan and a budget for the project based on experience of similar projects but to agree a ‘time and materials’ arrangement which provides the flexibility to deal with unforeseen circumstances. However, this is only half of the story. Truly effective collaborations require trust; Coalesce’s transparent business practices, and clear and regular lines of communication between our PM and the main client contact, ensure that any potential over-run can be tackled well in advance..

Can you show me some of your work?

Yes, but only a fraction of it. Many of our clients are understandably very protective of their emerging products and technologies, so it can be years before we are able to talk openly about some projects or show images on our website. You can see some examples of recent projects here, and also in our news and articles.

Do you offer placements for undergraduates?

 Yes, we offer sandwich year placements for science, product design, or engineering students. We have found that year-long placements result in richer and more fulfilling experiences for both the students and the company, providing deep exposure to more aspects of life in product development and allowing students to see projects through to a more complete conclusion than a shorter placement. We usually try to choose the next year’s students by the start of January, so if you would like to receive details of how to apply, emailing us as soon as possible – and certainly before the end of November – is a good idea. 

What about my IP?

 Our service agreements ensure that once the project fees have been paid to Coalesce, the rights to all IP generated during a project, by Coalesce staff or its associates, are automatically assigned to the company and thence, via contracts to your company.