Julia Espeso - Undergraduate Pharmaceutical Scientist

Julia has joined us on a placement from the University of Bath, where she is undertaking her degree in Chemistry for Drug Discovery. Her love of Chemistry stems from the way that it matches her mindset and approach, tackling problems from the fundamentals. The opportunity of working at Coalesce has validated her decision and cemented her enthusiasm for pursuing a career involving further COPD research in the future. More specifically, she is particularly interested in the chemical structure, functionality and processes involved in the lifecycle of medical drugs. At Coalesce, she works with Christina in the analytical laboratory, preparing and testing samples with HPLC and other techniques.

Besides her love for chemistry – reflected in her dopamine necklace being her most valuable possession – she has also been described as an enthusiastically curious person who willingly approaches colleagues no matter their field, even dabbling in quantum physics to the point that she has to have quark cheese for breakfast every morning... 

Hailing from Madrid, Julia enjoys lecturing Ewen and Vinnay about Spanish wine, travelling when she can, and a nice siesta on a Sunday afternoon (but definitely not on a weekday afternoon…).