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Pressurised Metered Dose Inhalers (pMDI) are ubiquitous and are here to stay. We have applied 21st Century engineering techniques to bring the humble press-and-breathe device up to date with a high-clarity, front-mounted, low-cost dose-counter, and a contemporary design.

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Our Breath-actuated Inhaler (BAI) builds on the features of the press-and-breathe device, but is easier to use; patients simply Open-Inhale-Close.

We have complete control over critical device parameters, including resistance and trigger-flow-rate, enabling us to tune the device to specific therapeutic needs.


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Our pre-metered dry powder inhaler (DPI) platform can accommodate multiple formulations, separately or in combination. It has an Open-Inhale-Close user-interface and a high-clarity dose-counter.

Further details will be released soon.