Breathe easy?

Coalesce ran an interactive experiment at DDL25, inviting delegates to inhale through a medium-resistance, breath-activated device that recorded their flow profiles. 74 people took part in the experiment over the course of the three days.


Participants were asked to inhale on the device ‘as they thought they should’. The results showed just how much variation can occur between different uninstructed inhalation profiles…even among a sample set of device engineers and inhalation scientists!

There was also a competitive side to the experiment, in which participants attempted to mimic the square wave flow profiles used for in-vitro testing of GSK’s Advair® device.

Congratulations to Gary Norman of DFE Pharma, who came out closest to the idealised 30, 60 and 90 litres per minute targets and secured himself a magnum of champagne to liven up his journey home from Edinburgh.