Marine Handset

Cosworth’s electronics division in Cambridge identified an opportunity to develop a rugged, waterproof, digital wireless intercom system based on an existing platform produced by one of their development partners. Cosworth develops high performance electronics systems that build on advanced technologies originally developed for Formula One. Now the world of performance sailing, including Americas Cup Syndicates and Olympic medal winning sailors are discovering how Cosworth can help them find their winning margin.

Cosworth already designs low-volume, rugged enclosures to withstand extreme environments. This new hand-held device adds a new dimension as it needs to be used by people in demanding conditions such as stormy seas and must be made using higher volume manufacturing processes. Cosworth asked Coalesce to help it with these new challenges to ensure that the quality and performance of the final product would meet their stringent standards.

A project which requires input from a number of different disciplines is ideally suited to Coalesce’s Open Product Development approach and in this case the mechanical, ID, and electronics teams worked closely together. Cosworth, Wright Design and Coalesce shared information using Pro/ENGINEER as the primary CAD interface. Prototypes were provided by CA Models and Complete Fabrication to prove key sub-systems, in particular the challenging sealing requirements, and this resulted in a design that met the specifications first time.

A number of fully functioning representative demonstrator models were produced and Cosworth used these to give its customers an early look at the system so that they could incorporate their feedback before committing to the final design.

Cosworth was very pleased with the outcome with its Engineering Manager, Steve Green commenting“Coalesce quickly understood the requirements of the project and worked together with other parties to develop an extremely impressive prototype in a very short timescale. The quality of the prototype was of a standard that could be used in the field by the customer so that feedback on the design could be captured. Coalesce then used the customer comments and manufacturing feedback to refine the design further, improving its manufacturability and usability. I have been impressed with the quality of service and domain knowledge provided by Coalesce and look forward to working on future projects together.”

About the Cosworth Group:
The Cosworth Group of companies provides high performance technologies to a diverse range of global industries including automotive, defence, energy generation and sports. The Cosworth Group is headquartered in Northampton, UK and operates additional facilities in the UK, North America and India to leverage its unique combination of advanced technologies, mechanical and electronic engineering expertise and globally recognized brand to deliver performance solutions.