Ewen Christie joins Coalesce

We are pleased to announce that Ewen Christie has joined Coalesce as a Mechanical Design Engineer after graduating from Cambridge University with a Master’s degree in Manufacturing Engineering.

Having worked with JCB and Rolls Royce in previous placements, Ewen was a summer student with us last summer and came back during his final year to do a project in partnership with one of our clients as part of his coursework. He did an excellent piece of work so we told him to go out and get a job somewhere else. No, really! If he still chose to work with Coalesce having secured an offer from somewhere else, then we could be sure that he wanted to work with us – we didn’t just want to be any-port-in-a-storm.

Luckily, he understood where we were coming from, wasn’t offended, and insisted he wanted to work with us. We’ll soon drum that out of him!

You can normally rely on Ewen for an amusing comment but when we asked him for a witty quote for this news item, all he said was, “It’s a privilege to be working for a company in which I can get involved with all parts of the design process, while being afforded support and responsibility in equal measures.” Welcome, Ewen!