Filling and sealing blister strips in the lab – an innovative solution

We design and build countless test rigs, ranging from simple mechanical test fixtures for our Mecmesin machine to more complex electromechanical systems incorporating logic controllers and/or National Instruments’ Labview instrumentation and data acquisition.

Off-the-shelf equipment is often limited in functionality or performance, and on these occasions it can make sense to develop bespoke equipment. For example, when it became clear that the industry standard equipment for testing Dry Powder Inhalers (DPIs) was incapable of supporting our experiments, we built a more capable flow rig that enables a much deeper understanding of performance.

Similarly, when we could not find a cost-effective, flexible, short-lead-time solution for lab-scale filling of laminate blister strips, we simply developed our own machine. Without it, we would have been reliant on a distant, third-party filling and sealing service. Just filling and sealing a single formulation would cost tens of thousands of dollars and take 3-4 weeks to turn around. It is now possible to test several formulation variants per day if so desired.

If you can’t find the machine you need, drop us a line. We can’t promise that we’ll already have one sitting on a lab-bench, but perhaps we can help.