New space

Coalesce has been working away solidly for 3 years now, steadily building capacity, capability, and reputation. We still can’t talk about most of our work but we hope to bring you glimpses in the coming months that should paint a better picture of our capabilities and of the quality of our work. In the meantime, you do get to hear about one of the effects of all our hard work: our workload, headcount, lab and workshop facilities have grown to the point that the office is full. What once seemed a generous space is no longer adequate: we have run out of space!

Fortunately, St John’s Innovation Centre is able to adapt to our needs. It’s why we chose to base ourselves here. When we launched, St John’s provided us with a business address, meeting rooms, and reception facilities. When we decided we needed our own office space, St John’s were able to offer us Unit 11. Now we have outgrown Unit 11, they have once again been able to accommodate us. Unit 18 is in the same building but is twice the size of Unit 11.

We’re excited about the possibilities presented by the new space. There won’t be google-esque slides in the middle of the office and we won’t need Segways to get around but we are looking forward to adding to our capabilities and facilities in the new space.

We will be in the new, larger office from Monday. All of our contact details remain the same.