Breaking news: Coalesce drops product development

(We’re still Coalesce Product Development Ltd but we now have new, shorter web and email addresses).


If you intend to have any kind of online presence, finding a name for your new company can be very difficult, particularly if you want to avoid making up words from scratch or distorting the spellings of existing words. This was the dilemma that faced our founders three years ago.

As is often the case, we ended up going with one of the first names that came to mind: ”Coalesce” (wiktionary definition here). It made sense from a number of different angles. It summed up both the way in which the company formed and the way it wanted to build more capable teams by working closely with others. We are not content with merely consulting for our clients – we’re motivated to transform their projects into successful products so we think it is fitting that our name echoes the convergence of the product development cycle on an end result. An unusual word with a subtle elegance, we hoped it would also reflect some of the qualities that run through the rest of the company and our work.

Of course, being an everyday English word, all of the more obvious URLs were already registered and any acronyms or contortions still available were far too contrived. The simplest solution was to use our registered company name as our URL ( until we could secure something less cumbersome. At the same time we engaged Bison River ( to help us register our trademark and company logo.

Recently, we realised that our clients, associates and suppliers all refer to the company now simply as Coalesce. This, coupled with the promise of more concise email addresses, made securing a better domain worthwhile. Our preferred domain ( was already registered but as far as we could tell had never been used. So we called up Bison Rivers again. With their excellent help and advice, we managed to secure the domain within six months with minimal effort and cost.

We hope you will appreciate our more concise address and wish us luck in spreading the word! You could say it all came together nicely in the end.