Vinnay Chhabildas - Industrial Designer

Vinnay joined the Coalesce team in September 2016, soon after graduating with a 1st class degree in Industrial Design and Technology from Loughborough University. Having already completed a year at Coalesce as a placement student, Vinnay’s focus remained in medical design in his final year, with his inhaler based major project securing sponsorship from the James Dyson Foundation and also being exhibited at New Designers 2016.

Vinnay’s sensitivity to design and detail, combined with creative problem solving and technical understanding, allows him to develop successful design solutions, and this constitutes his main contribution to Coalesce’s work. However, he has also taken charge of the bulk of Coalesce’s graphical design and brand management work.

Bucking the trend established by some, Vinnay takes great pride and even pleasure in maintaining that elegant archetype of mechanical design and de facto means of transportation in Cambridge, the bicycle. His restored 1980s Peugeot race bike puts all the other bikes in the rack to shame.