Why work with US ?


Coalesce is built on the experience its founders gained working for some of the best product development companies in the world and is underpinned by:

  • A Quality Management System (QMS) designed to be compliant with ISO13485
  • SolidWorks Premium and Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire 5.0 CAD systems
  • Robust document management system
  • Secure collaborative tools and IT infrastructure
  • Expertise in developing mechanically complex/technically challenging systems

We work with complex products in regulated markets so we see these systems as a minimum requirement.

In addition we offer some things which set us apart from the larger, more expensive technology consultancies:

  • A core of experienced project managers, engineers and designers with an extended network of experts (rather than a stagnant pool of expensive, specialised employees)
  • Optimised business systems enhance workflow (rather than inhibit it)
  • Hands on management team (rather than top-down management)
  • Our size allows us to adapt and evolve quickly
  • Flexible, scalable premises (rather than fixed, expensive premises)

These allow us to deliver first class services to clients at affordable prices.

Most of our work happens to have been for large medical device companies but our team has plenty of experience in industrial and consumer products.

We’re particularly motivated to help UK SMEs gain an edge that helps them to grow and prosper and our low overhead model opens the door to design services that have traditionally been the domain of companies with deeper pockets. Making a big difference to an SME is a particularly satisfying experience.

We’ve produced an FAQ which might answer some of the questions you may still have about why you should work with us.